Individual Reflection


I feel that this is a very fruitful experience. With all this information that I am taking away from this experience, I now have a deeper understanding of the rapid rates of industrialisation in various countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. Having focused more on Singapore, I now know that even though Singapore is one of the countries which has had the most exponential economical growth, Singapore's government is still playing its part in order to prevent environmental degradation. 

One of the problems that my team members and I faced during this project is not being able to meet up face to face with each other to discuss. All of us each had our own busy schedules which made it almost impossible for us to meet up. In the end, we managed to solve the problem by having our discussions over Skype. Although, in order to do this, we still had to sacrifice time that was meant for our homework, studying or just a period of free time that we had to relax. 

Something that I had learnt from this experience was how important it was to work together and to help each other out in times of need. Honestly, I was struggling to finish up the work that I was supposed to complete but my team members did not hesitate to help me out. I would never have finished my part of the project if not for the help of my team members. 

Hng Anh:

I feel that this has been a rewarding experience for me. Before the start of the project, I did not understand why would other countries with similar economy patterns like Singapore have so much problems regarding water pollution. However, after this project, I have learnt that the Singapore government has put in place a world class water system (such as NEWater) to ensure the cleanness of our water.

Anther take away from this project is that teamwork is very important. As each of us are different and unique, we will each have our own strong point and limitations. Thus, we would need to help each other even if the task is not allocated to us in order to make sure that we can complete our project as fast and efficient as possible.

I learnt many things, such as how to juggle my time between different projects, and how to research on certain specific topics. Most importantly, I learnt about GDP and BOD.
These 2 things are a major part of our life, but are often neglected by people like us. Singapore imports water from countries like Malaysia, and have developed NEWater to cleanse our waters. Along with these, there are our water catchment areas like bedok reservoir. However, despite having so many sources of water, if our water trading partners so happen to stop their water supply to Singapore, and Singapore faces a major drought, or is in any danger, we will have little water. That way, all of us will be in grave danger. A way to counteract the decline in water supply in those times, we can start by saving water, simply by using less water too bathe, or to brush our teeth.
Also, I learnt that the BOD rate is not necessarily swayed by the GDP rate, as pollution can come from other countries through water or air. The higher the BOD, the more unhealthy the environment will be.
Besides these, I have learnt how to get along with different members. We need to effectively use our strengths, and put acknowledge our weaknesses. 


I think that I had learnt a lot over this period of time, work together with my teammates and learning to work together with others even though there are many communication problems between us. We were unable to meet up over the holidays as we were all unfree. But yet we tried our best and with the help of our teammates, we still managed to corporate and complete our given task. We all tried our best to overcome any obstacles that come in our way. One of the most occurred obstacle was that we did not have any time to do the work together. We tried to allocate work for each of our members and therefore completed what we had to do. I learnt that governments of all three countries [ Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan ] are trying their best to prevent environmental degradation. Since Singapore is a small country, it is easier for the Singapore government to control the amount of chemicals released. But for countries like South Korea, they have a bigger country compared to Singapore, therefore it is harder for their government to control the chemical released they make. I believe I went through a very helpful experience which helps me improve in both my research skills but at the same time helping me become a responsible group member.

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