BOD rate is not necessarily affected by the GDP rate of a country. From comparing Singapore's GDP  and BOD rate, we can tell that Singapore's GDP rate does not affect the BOD rate. However, for South Korea, the GDP of the country affects the BOD rate. However, from all 3 countries, we can tell that GDP does play a part in the increase or decrease of BOD, but it may not necessarily be so.
Why is this so?
For example, Singapore's GDP is drastically different from its BOD. From both the graphs, it seems that the BOD rate of Singapore is fluctuating, whereas Singapore's GDP is steadily rising. Singapore counters the problem or GDP affecting the BOD rate by educating citizens on how to protect the environment, and to impose hefty fines for simple but rash acts like littering. However, industrialisation in Singapore also does not affect the BOD rate as much as other countries. Singapore has few factories that release waste into our local catchments and rivers. As compared to countries like South Korea which manufacture a wide range of things and also construct factories that release huge amounts of chemicals and waste into their seas or rivers. Singapore is small, as compared to huge countries like South korea. Thus, the government is able to control how much waste goes into our rivers. Along with controlling the amount of waste we produce, Singapore also has facilities such as the Marina Barage which cleans dirty water for consumption. The end product is name NEWater.
For other countries, the BOD also may be affected by other countries which has polluted waters, especially when the polluted water flows into their seas and rivers. As such, countries like Hong Kong and South Korea's BOD may educate their young, but neighbouring countries may cause their BOD to go up. Also, they are wide and vast countries, thus it is almost impossible to make sure that the whole country is in order. Unlike Singapore, they are unable to control every single province, and even though they have laws imposed for things like the maximum amount of chemicals released into the seas, they are not able to control 100% of the country.

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